Four Types Of Caramel Candies And How To Distinguish Them By Color And Taste

If you love caramel candies, then you have probably sampled some of every kind of caramel there is. You may even have a personal favorite. Yet you probably did not know that caramels are made in very different ways. There are at least four different types of caramel candies, and each one has its own unique color and taste. To be a true connoisseur of this treat, you should know all of the following about your favorite candy. [Read More]

4 Ways To Create A More Authentic Mexican Food Night At Home

If you want to create a real, authentic Mexican food night at your home, you need to make sure that you are actually incorporating authentic ingredients into your meals. Here are seven different ways you can make your next Mexican-themed food night taste more authentic and delicious.  Stick With Corn Tortillas If you want to be really authentic, ditch the flour tortillas and pick up some corn tortillas instead. Corn tortillas are the type of tortillas that are most used by actual Mexican cooks. [Read More]