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Advice For Throwing A Private Steakhouse Dinner Party

If you're looking to throw a private dinner event for a special occasion -- such as a wedding or baby shower -- you have a lot of options. A prime steak house is a popular option because of the premium meats you can serve to guests. Just make sure you consider these planning tips before getting started.

Select the Right Venue

There are probably a lot of steak houses in your area, but you need to find one in particular that's going to be ideal for this private dinner party. You can make things much easier on yourself by focusing on the most important aspects of each steak house, including their menu, venue rental rates, and overall ambiance.

Visiting a couple of steak houses in person also will help you out, especially when it comes to assessing the vibes and ambiance. If there's one steak house in particular that stands out, you can book early and potentially save money.

Put Together an Abbreviated Menu

To simplify things when hosting a private dinner party at a steakhouse, you need to choose a specific menu list that's much smaller than what the steak house would normally offer to guests. That's going to help you control costs better, but also help guests make a selection faster.

You can include certain cuts of steak and sides for example. You just need to see what the steak house is willing to do. They may already have a specific menu list based on past catered events they've managed. 

Meet With the Staff Beforehand

You can make sure every key detail of this private steakhouse dinner party is perfect if you meet with all of the staff well before the event takes place. You can complete the finishing touches that remain, as well as verify the right foods are being served.

Interacting with the staff before the private dinner party also will help you feel more comfortable with those that will be waiting on your guests. It will then be easier to communicate with them at any point moving forward, whether it's to make changes to the initial plans or go over pricing before paying.

Steak houses make for great restaurants for private dining. If you're planning to host one of these events, make sure you focus on getting the menu right and choose a space that's going to give everyone optimal experiences throughout the evening.