7 Tips For Cooking Your Own Indian Food

If you are in love with the fresh tastes of Indian food, it makes sense that you might want to consider cooking some of it at home. Cooking any type of cuisine can be intimidating at first. This means that you want all the tips you can gather before you get cooking. These will help you get started in your quest to cook delicious Indian food. 1. Milk burns easily. [Read More]

2 Gift Ideas That Are Ideal For A Coffee Lover

Buying a gift for a friend or loved one that loves coffee can often be a very difficult task, mostly because there are a lot of different types of coffee related gifts out there to choose from. Listed below are two gift ideas that are ideal for a coffee lover in order to narrow down the selection a bit. Coffee Club Membership One great option to consider when buying a gift for a coffee lover is to buy them a coffee club membership. [Read More]

3 Tips For Opening A New Restaurant

Whether you want to open up a mom and pop style pizzeria or a fine dining seafood restaurant, you will need to be aware of the many startup expenditures and obligations so that you are hitting the ground running. You will be able to focus on the service and food after you get your hands on the restaurant equipment, supplies and other necessities that are crucial to a successful enterprise. To this end, follow these tips so that your restaurant gets a great start. [Read More]

Three Tasty And Travel-Friendly Sandwich Ideas For Your Party Or Pot-Luck

The next time you are asked to bring a dish to a party, pot-luck, or other gathering, bring something that you know will get gobbled up: sandwiches! Everyone loves a good sandwich, and the following ideas can be varied based on your own personal preferences and tastes. Three simple and savory sandwich suggestions for your gathering are: Kaiser rolls and antipasti. Pick up some fresh-baked Kaiser rolls to pair with pickled Italian vegetables, hard salami, and thick cuts of provolone cheese to create antipasti, of sorts, that will be the hit of any dinner or event. [Read More]