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Four Types Of Caramel Candies And How To Distinguish Them By Color And Taste

If you love caramel candies, then you have probably sampled some of every kind of caramel there is. You may even have a personal favorite. Yet you probably did not know that caramels are made in very different ways. There are at least four different types of caramel candies, and each one has its own unique color and taste. To be a true connoisseur of this treat, you should know all of the following about your favorite candy.

Caramel Filling

Caramel filling often starts out as milk caramel, but is not cooked quite as long and is left to be really runny. It is used to fill chocolates and chocolate bars so that, when you bite into the chocolate, the caramel oozes out of the middle in a delicious drizzle. The caramel filling may also be sold as a topping for ice cream in some candy shops, so if you really like the caramel the shop makes, you probably will like their ice cream topping as well.

Milk Caramels

Milk caramels incorporate a sweetened milk in their recipe. They are slow-cooked in a sauce pan until the syrupy mixture of milk, sugar, butter, and a hint of food coloring creates a sticky-sweet, almost taffy-like treat. It is quickly poured into candy forms and cooled before being wrapped in foil or stick-proof cellophane wrappers.

Hard Toffee Caramels

This is similar to milk caramels in that the recipe has to be cooked. Most hard toffee caramels have no milk or significantly less milk than milk caramels. The sticky goo is often cooked longer and at a higher temperature to produce and almost "burnt" toffee taste and to make the caramels much chewier than milk caramels. Chopped nuts may be added to hard toffee caramels to highlight that toffee taste.

Hard Caramel Candies

These are not soft candies by any means but hard caramel candies you have to suck on. People who do not want to chew softer caramels or who do not like getting caramel in their teeth but love the taste of caramel may indulge in hard caramel candies. These are often made by cooking sugar, butter and a couple other ingredients at really high temperatures until the candy reaches a "hard crack" phase and will mold into a hard candy when cooled. They are often really light in color or really dark in color depending on the type of sugar used (i.e., white or brown).

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