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Ways To Experiment With A Big Bag Of Coffee

A 2-pound bag of Colombian coffee might seem really large at first. Indeed, if you only brew a cup of coffee each day or a few times a week, this big bag of coffee will likely last you a while. However, it's often worth getting more creative when you have this much coffee on-hand to enjoy. Here are some ways you can experiment with some of your Colombian coffee beans.

Try Cupping the Coffee

Cupping is a technique used by professional coffee analysts and connoisseurs. They use this approach to taste all of the nuanced flavors in the coffee and get to better know its flavor profile. Usually, a coffee professional would cup several coffees, one after the other, and compare them—much like one would do in a wine or beer tasting. But if you have two whole pounds of good Colombian coffee to use, then you might as well practice your cupping technique with a few of them.

To cup the coffee, grind about a tablespoon of beans to a medium coarseness. Pour in a few ounces of hot water that is just below its boiling point. Let it steep for a few minutes, and then sip it from a spoon, without first removing the grounds. Pay attention to the flavor, the mouthfeel, and the experience of the coffee.

Make Concentrated Coffee

If you make a really concentrated coffee, you can keep it in the fridge and use it again and again to make iced coffee and coffee drinks. Try brewing coffee twice as strong as you normally would. You can do this in a French press, or in your normal drip coffee brewer. You'll end up with a very strong coffee that you can put in the fridge for later, and you'll have used up plenty of beans in the process of making it.

Try Cold Brew

Cold brew is coffee made with cold water. It has a different flavor profile from coffee made with hot water. Plus, you use twice as many beans to make cold brew, which makes it a good way to use up your Colombian coffee beans. Combine the ground coffee and water, and put the mixture in the fridge. Let it sit for at least 24 hours before straining out the grounds. Sweeten if desired, and enjoy.

When you have two pounds of Colombian coffee beans, it's worth playing around a little. 

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