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How To Be A Great House Guest

Are you planning to stay at somebody else's home soon? Whether you're going solo or whether you're going as a family, there are things that you can do to make your hosts glad that you came. After all, when you think of what's going on behind the scenes, there are probably lots of preparations being made for your pleasure and comfort. Clean linens are being used to make up beds, food is being prepared and perhaps activities are being planned especially for you. Here are some tips that might help you be a perfect guest.

Be Specific On Your Plans - Before you even arrive at your host's home, let him or her know when you'll be arriving and the date of your departure. That will help your host to plan food and other necessary arrangements that need to be made. It's very thoughtful, too, to give an approximate time of your arrival. For example, if you will be arriving late in the day, let your host know that you will already have eaten the dinner meal. Are you traveling with a pet? If so, be sure that your host knows this ask if having a pet with you will be an imposition. If so, you can probably board the pet at a nearby facility. 

Bring A Unique Gift - It's a very thoughtful thing to bring a gift to your host.  Consider bringing something very unique, like specialty ice cream that is popular in your town or city. Ice cream bars, gelato, or sorbet made of exotic fruits would also be a very original treat. Don't worry about this type of gift melting, as you can pack it in dry ice and it will be frozen solid at the time of your arrival. Pack the treats in aluminum foil or even newspaper and just place it on top of the dry ice or emergency ice. It's a good idea to put another piece of dry ice on top of the packages, too. Dry ice is very affordable and can be bought at many grocery stores or at stores that carry party supplies or beverages. 

After Your Stay - Of course, a phone call or an email message can convey gratitude. However, go the old-fashioned way and write a thank you note to your host on attractive stationary or on a pretty note care. Again, be specific about your appreciation. Include the acknowledgement of special meals or other things that were done to make your stay a pleasant one. If your entire family has traveled with you, encourage your children to also write thank you notes.

If possible, invite your host to visit your home. Long distance friendships can be very rewarding.