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5 Creative Storage Solutions for Your Coffee K-Cups

If you have recently purchased a Keurig coffee maker and have fell completely head over heels in love with those tiny little K-Cups, then you are probably filling your home up with them. You could have hundreds of them -- well, probably not, but you likely have a lot of them and they're overflowing your counters and drawers. After all, there are so many different flavors that you can enjoy and you must try them all. However, how in the world are you going to store them all and where? Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can store these full-of-flavor K-Cups, and here are a few creative ideas:

1. Decorative Glass Jars

If you only have a few flavors that you like to drink, then you could consider purchasing some decorative jars that can sit on your kitchen countertop. This will allow you to see the K-Cups (and their flavors) through the jars without even having to lift the lid. 

2. Chalkboard Canisters

Now, if glass isn't your thing, you could opt for a solid canister and add a chalkboard sticker to it. On the chalkboard sticker, you could write the name of the flavor of K-Cup that is inside. By using chalkboard stickers, you can wipe away the name and change it at any time. This allows you to change flavors with the season or when you get tired of a particular flavor.

3. DIY Wooden Dowel Dividers

This one will take a bit more time, but you can use wooden dowels to create rows in your drawers that will allow the K-Cups to fit in them perfectly. You will need to measure it so that the K-Cups fit between two wooden dowels and do not slide between them. You can then use super glue or wood glue to attach them inside of your drawer. 

4. An Old Spice Rack

If you have an old spice rack that you aren't using or that you can find at a garage sale or secondhand store, you can use this to store your K-Cups. Just make sure that your K-Cups will fit in the holes, as some spice racks may have holes that are too small or too large, depending on how they were initially designed. 

5. A Shoe Organizer

If you have a pantry, and you have a lot of K-Cups, you could hang a shoe organizer on the back of your pantry door. Shoe organizers have numerous slots that create the ideal storage solution for these tiny little cups of coffee. And, if you have additional slots, you can use them store other small kitchen items, such as spices, tea, snacks, etc.