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7 Tips For Cooking Your Own Indian Food

If you are in love with the fresh tastes of Indian food, it makes sense that you might want to consider cooking some of it at home. Cooking any type of cuisine can be intimidating at first. This means that you want all the tips you can gather before you get cooking. These will help you get started in your quest to cook delicious Indian food.

1. Milk burns easily.

It is really easy for milk to stick to the bottom of a pan and become burned. This means that if you opt to boil milk on the stove, you should use a vessel with a heavy bottom. You should also add a bit of water before you add the milk to prevent sticking.

2. Avoid sticky rice.

Want to cook rice that doesn't clump together or stick to the pot? Try adding a few drops of oil before you begin cooking. You can also avoid sticky rice by rinsing it in cold water before cooking it. This rinses away extra starch.

3. Avoid tears when you slice your onion.

Getting teary-eyed when you slice up your onions? Try soaking an onion in water for a while first.

4. Oil needs to be the perfect temperature.

Oil always needs to be the right temperature before you throw food into the pan. Oil that is too hot will burn the outside, leaving the inside of meat uncooked. Throwing food into a pan with cold oil will actually lead to it absorbing the oil. You will end up with greasy food.

5. Maintain spices for best taste.

If you want to keep your spices tasting as fresh as possible for as long as possible, it is best to keep them in a dark, cool area

6. Wash vegetables and fruits before you chop them.

If you wash them afterward, you may end up clearing away vitamins. Additionally, make sure to steam or stir fry them if you want to retain nutrients.

7. Dried herbs are stronger than fresh ones.

This means you should use fewer dried herbs than fresh ones if the recipe calls for fresh ones.

Cooking Indian food is tons of fun, but there are times you may consider eating out instead. Indian food is available all over the country, with many different Indian restaurant franchise locations serving delicious Indian food you don't have to cook for yourself to enjoy. Never tried it before? Eating at an Indian restaurant can help you decide which dishes are right for you to cook at home.