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4 Ways To Create A More Authentic Mexican Food Night At Home

If you want to create a real, authentic Mexican food night at your home, you need to make sure that you are actually incorporating authentic ingredients into your meals. Here are seven different ways you can make your next Mexican-themed food night taste more authentic and delicious. 

Stick With Corn Tortillas

If you want to be really authentic, ditch the flour tortillas and pick up some corn tortillas instead. Corn tortillas are the type of tortillas that are most used by actual Mexican cooks. You can pick up corn tortillas at your local grocery store. 

However, if you want to really go authentic, try to make your own corn tortillas. Their is something about hot, fresh tortillas that even the most delicious store-bought version cannot replicate. Corn tortillas only required two ingredients: warm water and masa harina corn flour. You will also need a tortilla press and a hot skillet. 

Embrace The Cilantro

One of the most common herbs used in authentic Mexican cooking is cilantro. Pick up a large bunch of cilantro to use for your next Mexican-themed dinner night. Embrace and liberally use the cilantro. You can pull the leaves off the stems and use the cilantro to top off your tacos, burritos and enchiladas.

Don't throw out the stems! Chop the stems up so that they are very fine and add them into your salsa or guacamole. You can even add it directly to your dish; cilantro stems are just as flavorful as the leaves. 

Go Green

When most people think of salsa, they think of the red kind. However, authentic Mexican cooking embraces both red and green salsa. The primary ingredients in green salsa, also known as salsa verde, are tomatillos. Green salsa also traditionally incorporates lime juice, onion, jalapeños and cilantro.  

You can use green salsa to dip your chips in, or as a complement to your main dishes. It adds a different types of flavor to your dishes and also brings forth and accents your dishes different than red salsa. 

Add More Corn

Corn is not just used in tortillas; it also makes a great side-dish for any Mexican meal. Cook some corn, but season it with a Mexican twist. Once your corn is ready, brush it with a little melted butter like you normally do. Then, sprinkle some chili powder, chopped cilantro leaves, grated cotija cheese and a few squeezes of lime juice.

These ingredients will give your corn a spicy, juicy flavor that will go great with whatever your main dish happens to be. You may never go back to your old way of eating corn after you try this! 

The next time that you plan a Mexican-themed food night, be sure to pick up the ingredients to make corn tortillas, as well as a big bunch of cilantro, some green salsa and fresh corn-on-the-cob. The inclusion of these ingredients will add a whole new level of flavor and enjoyment to evening. Learn more by clicking this hyperlink.