A Cake for Your Occasion

Ideas For Catering A Graduation Party For Your Teenager

As the parent of a teenager who is about to graduate from high school, it can be fun to plan a party for him or her. Doing so gives you an opportunity to celebrate your teen's hard work and also show your excitement about him or her heading off to college in the fall. Instead of spending a lot of time cooking for this event, consider hiring a local catering service to provide the food. This will free you up to decorate your home, work on the guest list, or even shop for a graduation gift. There are all sorts of directions that you can take with the menu, but here are some ideas to discuss with your caterer.

Teen-Friendly Food

You'll likely want to invite a number of your son or daughter's friends to the graduation party, so make sure that the menu features a lot of teen-friendly food. Remember that some teenagers are more adventurous than others when it comes to eating. This means that just because your teen has an advanced palate, the same isn't necessarily true of his or her friends. Foods that you know will be widely appealing — a selection of sliders, mac and cheese, and veggies and dip, for example — will be good to include for at least part of the menu.

College Location Fare

If your child will be attending college next year in an area that is known for a specific type of food, it can be fun to talk to your catering service about including some of this fare on the menu. Doing so can further excite your child about moving away to the area in question. For example, if your child will be attending school in New England, clam chowder or lobster rolls might work on the menu. If he or she is bound for Memphis, a Memphis-style barbecue will be the logical choice.

A Celebratory Cake

Remember that a good party isn't just about the main course. You'll also want to have your catering professional provide dessert. In this context, there's perhaps nothing more appropriate than a celebratory cake. Choose a flavor of cake that you know your son or daughter will enjoy, and then have your caterer decorate it in a fun way. You'll obviously want a personalized message of congratulations on the top of the cake, but icing the whole cake in the colors of the teen's college can be a nice touch.

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